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Training Schedule - Mason County Search & Rescue

The general schedule of training for the MSCAR team

The training schedule is approximate and may change if the team is called out on an active search.

Training will almost always be conducted the second weekend of every month.

Month Training Type Days
October Course A - Intro to SAR classroom training. Topics: Nav, radio, search types, cism, subject behavior. Course A, B & C should be universal SAR classroom type training for all recruits. 2
November Course B - More classroom. Topics: first aid, cpr, bbp, helo, etc.

Goal: after this weekend, field recruits should have enough classroom training to go on a real search supervised as a novice (in accordance with WESAR manual, pg I-2).

December Course C - Finish up all classroom training. 1
January Field Course 1 - This is an overnighter. Focus on finding mini-games/tasks then doing them. Mini-mock(s) included. 2
February Field Course 2 - This 48hr campout will be from Friday evening through Sunday.

Station exercises, stake lines, focus on navigation & survival. Mini-mock(s) included.

March Field Course 3 - Large overnight mock search for all units in their respective roles. 2
April TBD 1
May State SAR conference and reach out to Jr High School for recruiting before school ends. 2
June Unit specific training, ATV 2
July Chainsaw & machete training. 1
August Recruit new members for the academy that begins in October. 1
September GPS training, reach out for recruiting before training begins again. 1

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