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ATV/ORV Unit - Mason County Search & Rescue

Information on our all-terrain and off-road vehicle search teams
Who are they?

The Mason County All Terrain Vehicle and Off-Road Vehicle units are made up of skilled quad and enduro motorcycle riders. This group adds yet another critical dimension to the search capabilities of the team since our area offers many trails that could take hours to clear on foot. Their ability to cover large areas quickly and thoroughly provides tremendous flexibility to the on-scene coordinator and helps ensure that no stone is unturned during large-scale personnel searches.

What do they do?

ATV members span the geographical gap between the Ground SAR unit and the Mobile unit. Generally used as off-road assets, the ATV unit performs detailed hasty searches of trail systems and terrain that isn't well-suited to searching on foot. ATVs are capable of providing stable personnel transport for SAR team members as well as injured or exhausted search subjects and excel at moving equipment and supplies between base camps and forward operating areas. Our enduro motorcycles move quickly and efficiently, and can provide search coverage in much tighter technical areas than ATVs or Mobile units can handle. Both groups are equipped with navigation and communications equipment that allows them to relay field conditions and geographic considerations to operations personnel, ensuring a safe, coordinated search plan.

MCSAR ATV Training
What kind of training is required?

ATV/Motorcycle training is a two day campout that includes a classroom session and field skills tests. The skills tests cover slow speed drills, technical maneuvers and practicing search techniques while riding as well as radio communications and conducting mock searches in which an injured subject must be "packed out".

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